Authors and contributors

Cédric Auger is the founder of Grisbi and assumed its leadership for some years.

Daniel Cartron wrote Grisbi documentation, and provided ergonomy and accountancy advises. He was the first webmaster.

André Pascual of Linuxgraphic sketched our logo.

Sébastien Blondeel wrote and maintains documentation build tools. He was the advocate of the use of LATEX for documentation.

Benjamin Drieu contributed to developement and packaged Grisbi for Debian.

Gérald Niel was our webmaster. He also maintained Mandrake packages with the help of Alain Pichon.

Alain Portal contributes to documentation and is in change of RedHat packages.

Juliette Martin did the proofreadingof the documentation.

Colette D. translated the website in Italian.


Thanks to TuxFamily for their past web, FTP and CVS hosting. They are cool dudes.

Thanks to Florian Amrhein for his nntp/http gateway: Newsportal.

Thanks to the Free Software Foundation and to all Free Software contributors for all work and contributions they have done.